Origin Story...


I was chronically ill for over a decade with chronic fatigue, chemical sensitivities and fibromyalgia. I was told by a dozen doctors that there was no cure, nothing I could do, go home and get used to it. “Here, have some happy pills.” 

I had no choice but to solve this for myself. 

That started me down the road of alternative therapies from energy healers to naturopathic physicians, therapies both ancient and modern. Each one helped a little bit, but nothing made a big impact until I tried neural retraining. Within weeks I went from sleeping for 15 hours a day and still being exhauted when I was awake, to starting to do things around the house, going to the store and getting back to my life. I was never so happy to do the dishes as I was then!

Neurosculpting®, created by Lisa Wimberger, incorporates the latest in neuroplasticity with other healing practices in an elegant, easy, effective set of two 20-minute guided meditations that give you some easy tools you can use every day to retrain your brain.

You might not have a chronic illness, but you might have stress in your life or a habit you would like to change. Perhaps you have limiting beliefs about yourself or the world around you that prevent you from reaching your full potential of health, happiness and success.  Neurosculpting is a tool that can rewire your mind to be at it’s best.

Along with Neurosculpting I have studied various forms of neural retraining and meditation including the Gupta Programme, mindfulness, pranayama, mantra meditation and transcendental meditation, and I am a certified Neurosculpting® Facilitator and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra teacher. I am also a 200-hr RYT Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga instructor and an artist. My love of meditation, first-hand experience with overcoming chronic illness, fascination with how the brain works and creativity as an artist are a perfect combination to shape the ideal meditation for your specific needs.

Consider me your brain trainer. I would love to teach you why your brain does what it does and how to use it to improve your daily life.

To make an appointment or take a class either in person or online go to the events page or book here.

I look forward to seeing you!

~ Katie DiChiara

Certified Tier 1 Neurosculpting® Facilitator, DSYN®, 200-RYT Hatha and Vinyasa Yoga Instructor, Reiki 1

My Mission...

My goal with Bliss Brain™ is to share how easily accessible your full potential is through Neurosculpting and meditation. You will learn how to utilize the brain’s natural neuroplasticity to release traumas, stresses and limiting beliefs to create a more positive, productive and healthy life.

I am offering...
Neurosculpting workshops in the Somerville and Boston areas and online

Corporate and private sessions in Neurosculpting, guided meditation, and meditation instruction both in person and online

Free guided meditations

Live online classes
Online class catalogue- Coming soon!

Neurosculpting® is a trademarked 5-step process fusing the latest in neuroscience within a guided meditation to help individuals easily harness the power of self-directed neuroplasticity for optimal healing.

I also teach and guide several types of meditation from fully guided Yoga Nidra, to breath awareness and mantra. My secular, functional meditations are designed with your specific needs in mind whether it be focus and clarity, destress and rest, deep healing or a creative boost. Personally-tailored sessions are also available if there is a specific area of interest you wish to focus on.