Neurosculpting Classes and Workshops

Neurosculpting® is a trademarked 5-step process fusing the latest in neuroscience within a guided meditation to help individuals easily harness the power of self-directed neuroplasticity for optimal healing.

Bliss Brain will teach you why the brain does what it does, and how to utilize the brain’s natural neuroplasticity to release traumas, stresses and limiting beliefs to create a more positive, productive and healthy life.

Topics will vary from workshop to workshop. They are suitable for beginners or are also great as a refresher whenever you need one!

Yoga Nidra Workshops

Experience deep rest in this fully guided meditation based in the structure and philosophy of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra© which includes breath awareness, body scan and visualization. Some sessions will also include pranayama, mantra meditation, mindfulness and sound meditation. I incorporate both Eastern and Western techniques such as acupuncture points and neuroplasticity. The meditations are designed to turn off the fight or flight (stress) response and turn on the healing parasympathetic nervous system.

Guided meditation is pure meditation with no effort on your part which leads to a deeper experience. It systematically relaxes you at every level, from the physical body and nervous system to the energetic body and brain waves.

No special clothing, physical ability or experience are required.

How to Meditate Series

Whether you are a beginner or just need a refresher course this series will teach you everything you need to know about how to meditate on your own. Learn how to sit comfortably, how to create a habit, what to expect during meditation and proper techniques. Several styles will be taught so that you can choose the type of meditation that works for you. Series lasts four weeks.


Check out our events page for upcoming Neurosculpting and Yoga Nidra workshops.