About meditation


De-Stress and Deep Rest in 30 Minutes

There is nothing you need to do.
Bliss Brain will lead you into a deep state of relaxation that will de-stress, heal and sharpen your mind. 
I can guide you at Union Wellness in Union Square, Somerville, my office in downtown Lexington, at your home or office in Boston and on the North Shore, at Centre Yoga Studios in Lynnfield and Woburn or anywhere in the world online.
You may practice seated or lying down.
No special clothing, physical ability, props or experience are required.
Just relax, listen and enjoy this mini vacation for your mind!

Perks of Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is pure meditation with no effort on your part which leads to a deep experience. It systematically relaxes you at every level, from the physical body and nervous system to the energetic body and brain waves.

Benefits of Meditation

  • 20 minutes of meditation is equal to 3 hours of sleep

  • Improved cognitive function- creativity, ability to concentrate, focus and problem solving

  • Increased energy

  • Reduction of negative thoughts and emotions

  • Increases happiness

  • Slows aging

  • Improves mental, cardiovascular and immune health

  • Improved performance and resilience

  • Increased self awareness

  • More clarity

  • Emotional healing

  • Turns off the "fight or flight" response and turns on the relaxation response.


My Style of Meditation

My guided meditations are based in the structure and philosophy of Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra© which includes breath awareness, body scan and visualization. Some sessions will also include pranayama, mantra meditation, mindfulness and sound meditation. I incorporate both Eastern and Western techniques such as acupuncture points and neuroplasticity. The meditations are designed to turn off the fight or flight (stress) response and turn on the healing parasympathetic nervous system.


Conditions lessened by meditation

  • Stress

  • Pain

  • Anxiety

  • Insomnia

  • Heart disease and high blood pressure

  • Cancer

  • Asthma

  • Emotional and physical trauma

  • Chronic illness

  • Autoimmune illnesses

  • Fibromyalgia, MCS, CFS

  • Addiction

  • ADHD

  • PTSD

  • Aggression and anger

  • Digestive aliments

  • Diabetes

  • Pre and Post Surgery

Bliss Brain offers brain training and recovery through Neurosculpting® and Meditation both online and in person in workshops, corporate and private sessions in Boston and the North Shore.